Book Cover Series

Redwall is a series of 22 books by Brian Jacques, spanning from 1986 to 2011, and telling of the legendary, medieval-based tales of mice, rabbits, sparrows and other critters.

The goal of this project was to refine the whimsical tales of Redwall for a more mature audience who had grown up with the stories, and now that it has been completed, to unite the series as a whole.

Redwall Book Covers 2

Each of the new covers compliment each other, and when lined up on a shelf, the series would create a Red Wall.

Redwall Book Covers 1

The illustrative elements used on each cover were made with letterforms from the title of each book, and are symbolic of their individual content. For example, on the cover of Mattimeo, the tapestry prominent in the story can be seen, and on Triss—which follows a sea-faring squirrel—a sail.

Redwall Book Covers 3

The back of Mattimeo shows the high windows of Redwall Abbey, and for Triss a boat. This symbolism is meant to be subtle, but would not go unnoticed by a dedicated reader of the series.

Redwall Book Covers 4

This design could be carried across all of the books in a similar manner, to create a set that is complete and stands out.

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