Video Game Concept

FourFold is a concept design for an original video game. I wrote the story and characters, designed the logo and settings, and conceptualized various functionalities of how the gameplay would actually work. Though it is anything but a real game right now, it may just have the potential to become one someday.

This is a hypothetical promotional video that features side-by-side animation of the in-game sprites with their respective character art, and would be used to advertise the game’s release.

FourFold 3

The story is focused upon the fatefully intersecting paths of four characters, whose skills and personalities complete each other.

FourFold 2

The gameplay would revolve around switching between the characters, and using each of their unique skills to your advantage. It is not limited to side-scrolling action, and would also focus on strengthening the relationships between the characters.

FourFold 4
FourFold 5
FourFold 6
FourFold 7

Their titles are contradictory by nature, and though each of them is anything but what they first seem, it is only by working together that they can overcome what they couldn’t alone.

FourFold 10

The FourFold logo consists of four separate parts, each tilted at a different angle. Though jagged and misshapen, they fit together perfectly as one piece. The logo was also designed considering how it would function as a game icon.

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