Field Notebook

Field Notebook

Original Book

Have you ever wanted to learn more about mythical creatures? Get a first-hand perspective from a real explorer, following her journey to find out more about how these creatures live in their natural habitats!

The Field Notebook is a twelve-page picture book that follows Nirna’s journey to see the legends with her own eyes, and includes all of her field notes and sketches.

Field Notebook 1
Field Notebook 2

Each book features hand-dyed pages, original writing and illustrations, and crossed binding woven into a braided bookmark.

Field Notebook 3
Field Notebook 4

Nirna’s adventures span far across the lands, and propose the idea that you shouldn’t just take what other people say for granted, until you get out and see it for yourself.

Field Notebook 4-5
Field Notebook 7

She learns a lot about how mythical creatures live from her journey, and even ends up making a new friend along the way!

Field Notebook 8

I hope you enjoyed taking a look through my story. The original copies are sold out, but I have included the book as a PDF in case you would like to read it that way.

Click here to download the file.

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