Digital Illustration



I’ve recently begun working on transitioning my traditional skills into digital art and illustration. I feel right at home with it now, and use it both as an asset for design projects and as a medium for my personal work.

I do a lot of painting in Photoshop, and use Illustrator as well.

Digital Illustration 1

This art print pictures a young dragon who’s too small to fly, but finds another way to join his family as they soar through the sky.

Digital Illustration 2

This quote poster illustrates a phrase that originates from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, and implies there is more to those who waltz off the beaten path and choose to follow their own.

Digital Illustration 4

This boy is bored; so much so that even the shape of his body mimics the letter “B” for Boredom.

Digital Illustration 5

This frivolous “Flapper” embodies the over-the-top partying of the roaring 20’s—as a nod to the period’s hundredth anniversary—and speaks to the partying that we also (should have) enjoyed, now that it’s the 20’s again.

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