I’ve always loved animation, and after studying Motion Graphics I am now ready to make my own! I think that video is an excellent medium for storytelling, and that the synergy of music and content can stir the heart in a way that is truly remarkable.

I am proficient in After Effects and Premiere Pro, and have dabbled in Cinema4D.

Above is my Demo Reel, which showcases an overview of my animation and the other projects on my website.

This advertisement is an Explainer Video for the MarCum brand fish-finder. It takes the perspective of a young, aspiring fisherman and the troubles he might face out on the ice. It explains the use of the product as it recounts his epic struggle.

This is a re-envisioned Opening Sequence for the animé of Kaiji; a story of hope, despair, life-or-death gambling, and survival at any cost. It is filled with symbols from both seasons of the show, and includes a re-designed English adaptation of the logo.

This is a hypothetical Promotional Video for FourFold; an original video game concept. It features side-by-side animation of the in-game sprites with their respective character art.

Click here for more on FourFold.

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